Friday, 23 August 2013

The best bunch of Idiots ever

Barely a week from celebrating Independence Day  , what news does one wake up to ? 
Gang Rapes , Murder , Extortion , Govt Scams , Child Molestation , Buildings crumbling like a pack of cards & children dying to Malnutrition. A week ago, close to 15th August, a majority of us changed your profile pictures on Facebook , BBM etc with the Indian Flag , soldiers fighting in Kargil , Mahatma Gandhi with his spinning wheel. Patriotic films being played on television. All of us gung- ho about the pride to be a citizen of this great country. I did that too.
What does being an Indian mean to any of us ?  We are the guinea pigs of various politicians vote bank dramas. We are so susceptible and vulnerable to everything these days.  Why should i be proud to be a citizen of this Country ? Rather what should i be proud about ?
- the poor state of public services - pot-holed roads injustice -ever increasing  prices of bare necessities, -poverty - crimes -  inflation - horrible value of Indian rupee . The list is never ending.
So on big days like Independence Day and Republic day , please can someone tell me what are we celebrating here.

A self respecting, moral Indian is ashamed every morning reading in the daily newspaper. I often read newspaper in the evening , avoiding news in the mornings because who wants to start a day with feeling miserable about living in this world. Today was an exception. The morning news runs a story of a 22 year old girl gang raped in Mahalakshmi , an affluent neighborhood in South Bombay. She was raped whilst she was at a run down mill in the area. She was accompanied by a male friend who was beaten up.  The police asks the girl whether did she acquire proper permissions to take photographs at the abandoned mill.  I ask, why ? If there were not permissions taken then is it permissible to be gang raped ?  What a ridiculous question! And the newspaper prints it too.

Rape has, of late, become an acute disease in the Indian society.  This is a problem arising out of a mental disorder, but there is also a larger cultural context that, to an extent, explains how the Indian male became so brutal.
Our cultural upbringing conditions male minds to behave in a cruel fashion with women. Family upbringing, societal conditioning, religious sagas and political animus, all construct our men and women into being what they are — men as aggressive and women as submissive. Which is why men here, in India, are different from men in other countries. 
Every time a gruesome rape gets reported, we all are ashamed and angry. That’s one thing; but working out ways and means to eradicate such evil is another thing. We cannot leave it entirely to the police or the judiciary to tackle such heinous acts. For, rape is also a cultural problem; and it is a more serious problem because of the extermination of the victim. We need to treat the malaise from its very roots.

Mumbai legislation bans night clubs , dance bars ,prostitution, couples canoodling in public , PDA etc.  They dont want the youth to have a life here in the city. There is restriction to express love openly to the other. And this is where the suppression leads to heinous acts like these. Radicals are known to arrest brave-hearts expressing their views on social networking sites.  Our authorities are busy shooing couples from Marine Drive , while gang rapes are taking place in stone throw distance.

As a travel professional , how do i give assurance to my clients , who btw are very worried about these crimes before visiting our country.  Our nation's tourism is suffering, our businesses are suffering.

Jungles have more order than this city.   

Mumbai MOTTO :  Crib - Suffer - Bribe - Attack - Suffocate

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Right Place , Wrong Time

Rant Alert:

I am so out of my head these days. I am hating work. Lack of motivation , irresponsible staff and low benefits have put me down. I rather be sitting on a bench by the muddy seafront and read a book. Notice , how i didn't suggest being home. Because being home is no delight too.  People I know are behaving oblivious to their insanity.  why a total disregard to their existence ? I feel a victim of their bizarre behavior. Feels like i am at the right place at the wrong time. 

What comprises of a good holiday ? A good hotel, scenic beauty , fun activities , right company ?  I cannot help but wonder , that being in just the right place  but at a wrong time make a trip memorable ?

Three years ago , I visited Alton Towers with a bunch of idiots. After a lot of planning and who is coming , who is not ? we don't care lets just go, this short trip was planned. We were a group of 5 -6 people, a rather odd bunch. Alton Towers is Britain's largest and most visited theme park. Its UK's answer to Disney Land. I was very excited about visiting whilst all the planning. Getting there required a bus journey in the wee hours of the morning ,shuttle bus and a train ride. It was such a boring day ! I hated every second on being there. I realized it doesn't matter where you are, the right time and right company is essential to enjoy. even if the right company is just the one of yours alone.

I seek peace of mind.