Saturday, 28 September 2013

all you need is ..

LOVE... nah uh.. PHONE

Maps , Restaurant Menus to relationship advice.. today what does a phone not give you ? 

I am hooked on to this new app called Quora. Downloaded this cool app a couple days back on my phone and its been my companion ever since.  A wide variety of topics to choose from People , Places, Stock markets , travel , polictics , recipes. You pick what you like to read about.  Intelligent questions find quite intelligent responses here.

"You cant make good deals with bad people" - this is what i learnt from Quora today..

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Captain of a ship (wreck)

This dates back to the year of 2009. Every time a Professor announced that this semester's coursework is a group one , instantly one could hear murmurs in the class. Friends , peers and rival teams devising a perfect plan for a winning team. One could hear in silent whispers, "Let’s take her, she has the experience in Pharmaceuticals" and another gesturing a classmate sitting in the opposite corner, “we will be in one team". I would dread the 'work in progress' stage.  Judging from the experience of two group coursework in the past , there is always peculiar traits in one or the other of the team members.
  • a person who is lazy and procrastinates
  • a person who dominates / alpha male
  • A person just incapable of comprehending the basics.
  • the wise crack who loves to criticize others ideas and isn't talented enough to produce his own
As my luck would have it, i worked with team mates with all of the above traits in one person or weird permutation and combinations in one or the other. This made me cringe to the idea of group work. I would never understand , what coursework one could do brilliantly solo, turned out to be a average piece of work when working collectively.

I understood this after working for 3 years in the business.
Manpower Management , you get this right and you have nailed it.  Business schools insist on  group works because in the real world we do not work in isolation. There is no appointed leader in university coursework and hence there is trouble.

As you grow the business, you have to ready the second in line to your business. In our company , we have so many things that are going wrong. Seniority comes with experience and knowledge from growing in the same working environment. The staff is unskilled, our products are not well designed , there is no delegation of authority , the real masters are missing. The list goes on and on.

I am at my demotivated best.  I keep telling myself , this is not i was born to do .. this is no use of my full potential.

A friend responded . " I just want to be the captain of the ship and sail with my crew".   I responded, " Same here !! its just that i am looking for human beings worthy being my crew ".    As on today , I got none.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

You know its love when you..

  • Take two cute names and put them together to get a cuter name , and start calling them just that and other variations of the same word. [and none of the names make any sense]
  • When they speak highly about a film,with great excitement its a movie date night.. Half way through the film your eyes shut. Disappointed , they let you lie down in their lap and watch their favorite film all alone.
  • When you sulk being at your favorite place / destination / restaurant / movie , hating ever minute being away from them
  • When you watch Iron man 3 in 3D  to watch the smile on their faces throughout the movie
  • When you hummm idiotic HINDI Bollywood songs and shamelessly and type them on sms
  • When you visit the mecca of paan , Varanasi , and don't have one because they were missing