Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Indian Head Nod

Ladies and Gentlemen,
For all those unfamiliar with India, here's what is quintessential Indian... The classic Indian head Nod.. Its not an ordinary head nod.. its a cross between yes and no. its the side head nod. Every time a sales person is asked a trick question about his "world best" product , he resorts to the classic head nod. Every time a mother a asks her son (in anger) "Beta , do you smoke ?" The son dodges the question with (ta -da), the classic head nod.  This was pointed to me umpteen times, however last month i experienced the intensity of it.

I accompanied 20 Turkish tour operators as India's leading travel agents association had invited them to experience Indian Hospitality and promote tourism to our great country. What was i doing here again ?
Well, my dear dear father represents this association as the president, hence enters the daughter, who volunteered to travel along with these guests, thinking how difficult would it be to act as a Tour leader. Answer: VERY DIFFICULT.  Every day i had to deal with bus driver, cleaner, tour escorts, guide and local ground handling agents. And every time i asked them about say further arrangements, flight times.. i would get a classic Indian head nod.
Anything you ask.. "Hojayega madam... don't worry hojayega "
Me "Mahavir, flight delay hogayi kya ? check karo please"
Mahavir , " haan.. nahi... shayad.. (head nod) don't worry madam.. time pe aajayega.. i know the airline manager.. i'll make sure its on time"
Me : "hmm.. okay.."

2 hours wait at the airport... Kingfisher airline lady, announces that the flight has further been delayed by phorty five minutes.. When my Turkish friends asked me do they have a reason to worry ? I couldn't help but do the head nod..