Thursday, 2 July 2015

Give em a box of tissues

When you see a man crying, more often than not it is considered weakness. Women comfortably shed tears at anyplace anytime. Men, however , have difficulty in opening their tear ducts. Researchers say that its because of the society regarding emotional stoicism and physical toughness as stereotypically male qualities. Parents often view their sons' and daughters' emotions differently. The fear of creating a 'mama's boy' is one that is deeply engrained in our culture. We hardly saw our grandfathers, father shed tears. Men suffer in silence because they are told 'men dont cry'. Recently , a hotel in Tokyo introduced special 'crying rooms' with tissues, eye - masks and tear jerking films for guests who want to cry heartily in the comfort of a private room. The good part of this news, which may seem bizarre to most of us, is that finally a traditional culture like Japan has accepted that men need to cry. The sad part of this news is that they still consider it to be done in private. 

The motto for the longest time has been 'boys dont cry', but that needs to change. Crying helps rebalance the body's chemistry - a way of helping mind and body return to equanimity after any sort of stress. Men need to cry.

Here's a video that speaks volumes.

Monday, 22 June 2015

The irony

I find it odd that some non-vegetarians are opposing Yulin dog meat eating fest. Think about it, for animals that are your pets , you feel their pain. Somehow while gorging on a plate of tandoori chicken one doesn't think of that pain and suffering. 
Research says that plant based diet is a way to avoid /prevent a lot of diseases. But keeping the health reasons for vegetarianism aside and thinking purely on moral terms this doesn't make sense. For centuries now Muslims have been conducting animal sacrifice on Eid day. Americans celebrate thanks-giving with stuffing a large bird. And many many animals get sacrificed to celebrate festivities across the globe.  A friend thinks that i have been brainwashed after watching some PETA videos. A mention of these videos often make meat lovers cringe, they even resort to saying, thats extremism. I disagree. Its being in denial. Animals that grown, bred solely for human consumption in inhumane conditions to become a plate juicy fillet mignon, honey glazed duck, fois gras, chicken curry etc is acceptable. Is it just because you dont have them at your homes as pets that one doesnt feel its unfair ? Some accuse PETA for not being right. I honestly dont care. Animals regardless die. They are grown like inanimate objects, injected with god knows what chemicals to become fat and juicy.  The irony of an animal lover being a proud meat eater.