Thursday, 20 October 2011

Whosoever told you that life is a big fat LIAR

I wish I could punch you in the face this very moment..  Will that make me feel any better ?  MAybe ..  Well, later on i can make it  a part of my analysis that does punching someone really helps me feel any better in a "urghhh" moment.. now because its ur lucky day today i am not going to give you details abt why my moment is going urghhhh right now.. Your lucky day because u don't get that punch i mentioned above as u ain't in front of me right now. . the only suckers getting a good bashing right now are the keys on this not so lucky keyboard... 

Why are humans so sick.. Unsatisfied souls.  I am yet to meet a person who is content with his/her life. Does Dalai Lama have lama issues? ... he may have the aura of an angel but he ain't got it all...coz Nobody gets it all.. !! I'm reading story of Gautam Buddha these days..and  before learning about his strengths..Siddhartha (later known as Buddha) had his own issues too..
We are accustomed to whinge..  When you are kid, you want almost every toy you lay your eyes on, when u get what you want, you want your favourite comic, when you have that , you want your friend's (not so good but seems very interesting because its not yet yours) comic.. and the greedy saga continues with choice of clothes, jobs, friends, partners (raise your hand up , if you want your friend's girlfriend/wife)...ahh this is so annoying..  I am fed up... fed up wanting new things and analysing what i had before and how i could have done better.. We, Humans,seem to master the art of practising uninvited misery...Dont even get me started on GIRLS !!!  
Did Mother Teresa have (humble) insecuritiesof her own ? Why is there a need for so much drama in our lives?  I suggest God Almighty brings down our emotional quotient a couple of notches lower than what it is .. Make this world whine-free.. If any of my Neurosurgeons are reading, which is highly unlikely, please invent EQ reduction surgeries..  My male friends would back me up.. Breast reduction OR women blabber reduction .. huh huh huh.. i bet it would always be the latter one... To dearest Cosmetic surgeons , Guess who kicked you in the stomach !

What can i say, One mans 'recovery' .. is other man's illness/unemployment.. This previous statement made very little sense, grammatically but I'm too bored to frame it right.. Please allow me.. I am the one going through some "urghhh" times, remember ?

After letting it out, will it be fair to ask a chance to punch you in the face again ?  I bet you will understand..because you are reading through this post..and have got to the end of it.. that means you have the patience go through this torment or you have nothing better to do.  Please tell me this isn't a pity read..   is it ? 
Bye BYe.. I am going to scream into my pillow..

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ola kala...

Did you know that the word OK originates from the Greeks..Its actually 'Ola Kala..O.K'  .. This post is about a greece through a brown girls eyes.. Today the adrenalin has come down to normal levels. Since the time i have landed in Thessaloniki Airport , i experienced a whirlwind of emotions.. So much to take in such little time. I have eaten so much food in two days, that it would feed atleast 2-3 Somalians for a week! Feta cheese, beurdi, Bugaazta, peppers, Papadopolous biscuits,suvlakiya and so much more..How these people parade in sexy bikinis in the summer when they eat such good food all year through ?    There is a lot of love here. People have only gppd thoughts about the other..if there are any bad thoughts,they are washed away with ciggarettes and coffees. I believe that the grey clouds i see in the sky are only because of ciggarette smoke.  I know in years to come this truth will come to light..Athens is a city of ruins..and Ruins are beautiful, as they remind me of ups and downsin life... What was contemprorary then... is ancient and beautiful now.. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

its all 'bout the mOney mOney mOney...

Its fair to say that my first experience of travelling via ryan air was a bit too "warm" for my liking.  I should be writing a book soon.. "The hoo haa surrounding ryan air" published by We are too Cheap to print on paper Publications..    My stress levels were pumping 15 days before my flying.. Size dimensions of the bag, 100 ml liquid bottles, zip lock 20x20 cms bags.. i know everything about travelling cheap... When i first weighed my bag, (the meagre 10 kilos allowance) it was 11.2 kgs.. 10 mins later , Shagufta Mulla adorns 7 t-shirts, one demin jacket and a overcoat and stilettos off her way to security.. ! I clear security, bag check and all of that.. once waiting to board i breathe a sigh of relief ... Go to the toilet..Get all those extra clothes and accessories off me. And 6 t-shirts, one jacket lighter , i am a happy bunny !   an hour later, boarding is announced.. So i make my way to the gate.. WHat do i see ? one cabin bag check... DAMN... what if they check bag weight and size again.. im screwed.. i had stuffed my bag so much that i knew it wont meet the criteria..  So i had to do, what i was dreading all through... wear all those clothes again and board the flight resembling a stuffed turkey !  SUCKS..I couldn't help but notice the cost cutting measures the airline has used. Business students generally dig these sorta stuff. Boring. Ryan air is affordable because i believe they haven't heard of staff training.. The steward and stewardesses are the chubby ones that are sacked from other airlines..  The safety manual is printing at the back of the seats... (instead of the good ole TV)  there are only images and no instructions. I couldn't understand most of the images due to space constraints on the little panel for instructions. There is a confusing image and just when u strain your neck to decipher what it says... BHAM there is a red line across it.. How am i supposed to even know what it should mean ? But, i get it why.. Ryan air's response to this would be that oh you passengers, why are you complaining... your life is so cheap that you are sitting aboard this flight in the first place ! Nobody has got nothing to lose, if u die in a crash... coz you are CHEAP... your seat is cheap... the paninis on board are not !  I had reached a point when i took a solemn vow  , cramped up on my cheap seat.. "Never again.."

3 hours later... realised.. It was worth it !!  A happy bunny again !

Monday, 3 October 2011

a content msg..

I feel very happy today. I feel most of the time I have followed my heart and taken my own decisions. I havent done things because the world says to do this at the right time. I have followed my peanut sized brain at all times ! The key to happiness is balance. We will spend our entire life striving for this much needed balance. Somehow I have achieve to to this so far. Not a great achievement because I have many for years to go... and in these coming years different phases to deal with. ahhhh.. we'll cross the bridge when we'll come to it, right ? This blog entry has no head or tail. so be wise and do/ read something worthwhile(try SHANTARAM). I am exercising my chubby fingers on this keyboard and typing what ever that comes to my mind in pretense that my french manicure would look better on thinner fingers.. lol see i told you.. this entry is pointless.  When we are born, its as though your whole life is planned for you... education.. career choice .. ambition.. (clear throat) marriage age ... how many years later the babies should come into this world .. EVERYTHING..  Who decides whats right.. whats wrong..What if a person grew up to think differently.. .It all boils down to how you look at things. In every angle matters seem different. Humans love it. They love to gossip.. thrive on other's sorrowful stories. I pity these low life losers. Cant find happiness in their own lives and probably never will.. and sadly this world is filled with such people.. Negative energy galore ! All i have to tell them is KARMA is a bitch, baby.. WATCH OUT !!!! bhahaha