Saturday, 22 June 2013

The closer i get to seeing life, I am hating it !

Next time an Indian person rants about being ill treated in a foreign country will hear a ear full from me. We are living testimony to living in glass houses and throwing stones at others. But the instant a stone is hurled at them they come out blazing standing up for their beliefs. Who wants to hear the truth ? The truth has been strangled and buried under heaps of hypocrisy. In India, we are stereotyped according to the caste and religion we follow. And i cannot keep it in me anymore but downright disapprove of this ridiculous way of living.  In this city , one can get away by smooth talking with the cops in this regions native language. It ease out the tension instantly. We dont see the credibility of the person , we don't see the authenticity of the work to be done, all one wants to do is prove it to the other that they are one of their own and get the job done. You may spend your lifetime walking straight but soon you would realize that it doesn't bloody matter what you are doing. The definition of  right and wrong keeps changing as per  situation from people to people.    We might not fight for the color of our skin, but we do based upon the God you believe in. And when pointed out this fact , i have been said that i am being  ' unfair ' (YEAH RIGHT !!)

Right from school  we are taught, God is one. People have different religion , different ways to worship but all religions preach goodness. None of  them endorse cheating , fraud or killing of the other. In India , we are made to understand (at a very early age) that multiple religions co-exist.  SO while we are given no restrictions to make friends with other communities , sit , eat , chill with   "the others" we live in perfect harmony.

And now, i notice a bias in our day to day lives. Names are not just identity of the person , but it defies their nature / profession / family lineage / and even future instantly. Its a shame. I was brought up in liberal environment. I was taught the right from wrong and then told that the final decision was left to me.  

Up until i took that final decision. Thats when everything changed. One cant live in isolation, i agree, but i also agree that isolation is preferred than hypocrisy..

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I rather..

Take  a dip in the crystal clear waters of Sameranger Lake, Austria

Camp under the Aurora Boralis

Hike to Trolltunga Mountains , Norway

Stay warm at Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal, Russia

Dance around the Lavender fields in Provence, France
Take walks at Vadhoo Beach , Maldives

Romance in Santorini Islands, Greece

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

No pain,No gain

Starting of June has changed my life. I have taken some steps that are crucial life changing decisions and now standing up to what i feel is right for me. Its been a roller coaster ride.  I realize i cannot please everyone.. that just cannot happen. Sometimes I'm a roaring lion and the other times I'm a distraught soul.  We can not be everything to everyone nor can we do everything, especially at the same time. What we can be and do is our best !'!'!'  

Monday, 3 June 2013

You know you are vacationing in Indian Resort when..

  • You eavesdrop on a fellow guest reasoning with the Reception staff  insisting two extra beds in a room
  • Orders are placed for   "Tomato Soup  4 by 6, please "
  • Trust us to wear the most ridiculous Swim wear.. not only colorful full sleeves swim wear, but also sarees , salwar kameez, and burqa are allowed
  • Clothes drying line is a must have amenity in the room
  • 150 dishes expected out of a buffet menu (for every meal) and we attempt to try each of it in bulk quantities.
  • There is a appointment register for Table Tennis table & Carrom Board
  • Sign outside the pool says . "Urinating in POOL.. Strictly Prohibited"
  • One of the dishes  on display is  " Veg Steak - JAIN "
  • The balcony of the rooms has clothes drying on the coffee tables and chairs
  • Check in is at 15.00 hours and Check out is at 9.00 hours.  [and you find people checking in at 9.00 hours and checking out of the hotel at 15.00 hours]
  • Bathrobes have strict codes and WARNINGS not be be packed with your belongings while check out