Monday, 8 June 2015

Bow down

Its the Holy month of Ramadan coming up soon. Its time when Muslims all around the world fast for over 12 hours for their God. It is a time for devotion towards the supreme reality, Allah, and unconditional surrender of our ego and attachments including attachment with food & water through our prayers. Fasting seems to have been reinvented as the ancients saw it – a way of giving the body a rest, cleansing both physically and spiritually, and a way of sharpening our collective sense of self-restraint.

Roza is not limited to fasting , its about overcoming temptation, I think its extremely important to remember that during iftaar. I have seen people going berserk with food in the evening, this in my opinion is against the very grain of the practice.  Since food is the most crucial and intimate part of our being, the way we consume food reflects our relationship with our innermost being. Iftaar is not some wild party where you eat dates, fruits, chicken, mutton, pherni, kheer, bhajiya  and god knows what to numb your hunger. It’s a time to nurture your appetite with devotion and sharing and so the common plate and prayers around it.

Ramzan Mubarak !

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